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12461Re: [SCA-JML] Another Book Question

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Jan 9, 2004
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      ekoogler1@... wrote:

      > Tony, It does help in getting proportions correct...I know I didn't have a
      > clue as to how big the kosode, etc. should be on me until I read his book. I
      > had been making everything 'way too small. So the part about measurements
      > is, IMHO, helpful. Or does he have that wrong as well?

      Not wrong, per se, but all modern. The lines aren't right. For example, at
      events, how often do you see proper kosode sleeves, and how often do you see
      square kimono sleeves? In my mind, it's like trying to make a 17th Century coat
      (à la King Geo. I) and using a modern jacket pattern.

      I think there are other places to get kimono/kosode patterns that address
      historical concerns and which don't do horrid things to nice historical clothing
      like turning them into party wear. <G>

      For the record, I do have a copy of the book, but I don't trust it. I keep it
      more as a reference (because so many other folks have it and use it).

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