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12409Re: Looking for Shoelace, Nylon Cord for Kozane/Odoshi

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  • todd_last
    Jan 6, 2004
      > Todd, after looking closer at your
      > sode, I noticed a metal(?) kanmuri ita. Is that metal cut and shaped
      > in the traditional manner, or is it well worked plastic? Also, is
      > that a fukurin I see? Again, nice work!

      Again, arigatou gozaimazu! It is actually a plastic kanmuri ita. I
      used a series of clamps and wood blocks to get the bend in it, first
      doing the top one and letting it cool, then clamping it and doing the
      second bend. The fukurin is actually standard aquarium tubing split
      down the center and painted gold. I'm not sure how well the tubing
      will stand up to the abuse of a good fight, but I guess I'll find out.
      I figured at $.97 for 8 feet of tubing, I could afford to give it a try.

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