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12407Re: Looking for Shoelace, Nylon Cord for Kozane/Odoshi

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  • todd_last
    Jan 6, 2004
      > I took a look at your pictures, which are nice btw.

      Arigatou gozaimasu! I know many of them are blurry, but that's my
      camera versus my friend's camera (the clear shots are his). Hopefully
      I'll obtain a slightly better one this year.

      > Are you using the Yama Kaminari pattern?

      Yes, that's what I started with for the body. I used the information
      on Effingham-dono's website for the sode, though.

      > How well is it working for you?

      Quite well, actually. It does go together rather quickly, especially
      if you take the time to make a pattern from cardboard first. I used a
      refrigerator box to make my pattern from, taped it together, checked
      for fit and adjusted a bit.

      > In particular, how
      > did you get the right curve in the shoulder straps? Brute force, or
      > was there some application of heat?

      I used a heat gun that I picked up at Home Depot for about $70
      (specifically the Wagner Heavy Duty, Internet/Catalog # 131804
      Store SKU# 809101), but you could probably rent one. You'll want to
      get yourself a good respirator, as well, since the plastic will give
      off some noxious fumes when working it. I try to find things that
      will make the approximate shape that I'm going for, heat the plastic,
      then bend it over that shape. For instance, I have a short (14 to 16
      inches long, 6-8 inch diameter) concrete pillar that I use to curve
      with. I can either curve the piece to the shape of the pillar or sort
      of roll the pillar underneath the piece to shape it. I try to heat it
      just to the point where I can muscle (or clamp) it into shape. That
      way I only have to hold it until it cools a little for it to maintain
      its new form. Otherwise it can bend too far, deform, etc. Other than
      that, basic woodworking tools will cut and shape it quite nicely.

      Hope this helps.

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