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12397Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Looking for Shoelace, Nylon Cord for Kozane/Odoshi

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  • kim nakamori
    Jan 5, 2004
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      Konban wa Todd-san,
      Very nice menpo there-heh i like the eyebrows.
      Your yoroi is comming along nicely too. (I have been
      debating whether or not to go japanese if I get back
      into fighting, I have a kydex breastplate and sallet
      now in storage-but it'll take alot of work to change
      it to japanese-we'll see tho, you lads make a very
      convincing argument)
      The lads here in hawaii use the same type of
      nylon lacing-but I think they get theirs from Home
      Depot, or another hardware store called Kilgo's which
      sells marine supplies. One lad also used shoelaces and
      did his yoroi in purple green and white-we nicknamed
      him "The Nasubi Kozo" or eggplant kid-hehe)
      If there is a source for nylon lace in Central
      canada, let me know- next month I am moving to
      saskatoon.(or any japanese markets in or near
      Saskechewan(must learn how to spell that) On that
      note-anyone in or near that province that I can
      contact who enjoys Japanese personae? (besides HL
      Emeric, and HE Chikukugawa)Normally I am known as Lady
      Melusine of Windhill Wood, but I also have a japanese
      persona named Tamayori.(I tend to gravitate to the
      Momoyama period)

      --- todd_last <tlast@...> wrote:
      > I actually just went through the same process
      > earlier this year. What
      > I did was contact the fine folks at St. Louis Braid
      > Co.
      > (www.stlouisbraid.com - site's kinda ugly, but gets
      > the point across)
      > They only sell by the gross yard, but I got 2 gross
      > yards (288 yards)
      > for $122 + shipping.
      > The style I purchased was:
      > STYLE #10074 is 3/4" Wide, polyester, tubular braid
      > Now this comes in a spool, which I would measure,
      > cut, trim the ends
      > and wrap in duct tape to make an aglet for ease of
      > lacing. I got this
      > lace in my main color (light blue). I purchased the
      > other random
      > colors (red, black, yellow) from my local shoe
      > store. It's a fat
      > "retro" lace whose brand name escapes me.
      > If you'd like to see it, I have some pictures of my
      > work in progress,
      > but I warn you, I'm no professional and this is my
      > first time working
      > with plastic (I know, I know. But I have limited
      > time in the metal
      > shop). I just wanted to make something functional
      > and relatively
      > pretty. I'll probably try my hand at something a
      > bit more period
      > sometime in the future (my wife wants to get on the
      > field for combat
      > archery and siege weapons). If you would like to
      > see some pictures,
      > they're online at http://photos.yahoo.com/todd_last
      > . There are a few
      > folders - "Body", "Somen", "Kabuto" and "Weapons".
      > These are all my
      > attempts in progress.
      > Hope this helps.
      > Thank you all on the list for your insights and
      > teachings online.
      > They have been greatly helpful.
      > ---Todd (no Japanese name just yet)

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