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12385Real Katana Info for Gary Williams

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  • Bob R
    Jan 4 5:24 AM
      Pardon the personal post to the list but I don't have
      Gary Williams email address.


      Got you some starter info for your Gunto Sword. Here
      are what few folks I know have been able to come up

      Rick wrote:
      "I get: a resident of an unknown provence with rotten
      handwritting named MasaNori made this. I am pretty
      sure about the MasaNori but have no clue on the first
      few kanji. There is a MasaNori listed as a Seki smith
      around 1939. There is a couple of other MasaNori
      listed but I think the mei looks Seki; only a guess on
      that. Harry?"

      Harry wrote:
      "I would read this as SEKI JUU NORO MASANORI SAKU
      ���������������������. Noro is the family name, and
      there was a NORO EIKICHI ���������� ���� in Seki who

      Hope that this helps out in your search on more info
      on this particular smith I will probably have more
      information in the coming week. Send me a message off
      list so that I can get your email address. I will send
      the information directly to you instead of the whole
      list. My sincere apologies for posting this to the
      list. Thank you for the bandwidth.

      Bob R

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