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12369Re: [SCA-JML] Re: hakama sizing?

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  • kim nakamori
    Jan 1, 2004
      Besides the futon-you can also lay your clothes,
      folded on 3 foled sheets- then add another folded
      sheet on top an pile about 2 folded blankets.
      That is of course, if you don't use your garb
      regularly, if not- hang hakama with trouser hangers,
      clipping the waistband in the top clamps. It also
      depends on what kind of fabric your hakama are made
      of. Storing can be done by folding your hakama, then
      wraping it in white tissue paper or washi, then store
      flat in a chest or tansu. Those vacuum-seal
      space-saver bags work well for brocade,an keep the
      bugs and moths out. Also after washing and drying of
      regular hakama, it is good to iron them using a spray
      starch, but I usually don't do that for my kendo ones,
      cause they get all bishu-bishu anyways-unless i am
      storing them of course.
      Note: Kendo Hakama and keikogi are dyed with
      indigo-(the ones from japan anyways) and will bleed
      everytime you wash them til they fade to a nice, soft
      greyish. so don't wash them with light colors. (hehe
      yes, they sometimes dye your skin or underclothes
      after a rigourous workout)


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