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1226Re: Bibliography, clothing, and persona

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  • Kass McGann
    Jun 8, 2000
      > Look carefully at the illuminations, some of them are plain silk,
      of various
      > thickness and weaves and have the gold couched on the fabric with
      > 'brocade' patterns embroidered all over.
      > I am sure Aoi and Hiraizumi have reliable sources of pictures to
      look at. I
      > have noticed that the brocade patterns Aoi spoke of (
      > www.yusoku.com/koaoi.html - the kikko or tortoise shell pattern)
      can also be
      > traced to the Heian period as an example of complete covering,
      > embroidered.
      > Fumio

      Well, it's not "embroidered" but rather the metalic threads were
      brocaded into the fabric when it was woven, but you have the right
      idea. Metallic threads ARE NOT taboo...
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