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11631Re: Sword stuff, was: Looking for patterns for Edo period Kamishimo

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  • DP Gregersen
    Nov 3, 2003
      I'm not a botonist, but the urushi tree is a distant relation of
      poison oak, and the sickness produces similar symptoms.

      Just as some people are affected more by poison oak than others, it
      would seem to be the same with urushi. Artisans who work with the
      stuff regularly do develop a tolerance. I saw a video once of
      someone smearing it on with fingers with no ill effects.

      Do be careful, but as long as you don't get it on yourself, you
      should probably be ok. As far as importing it, it seems to be a
      gray area. Paint is paint, most likely as far as customs is

      > The few times I've messed with the real thing (ok, once ;) I'm
      > not affected by it much. No more than working with carbon fiber.
      There are a
      > whole lot more dangerous things in my garage than lacquer. Methlyene
      > chloride comes to mind ;)
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