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11620Re: Sword stuff, was: Looking for patterns for Edo period Kamishimo

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  • Yama Kaminari no Date Saburou Yukiie
    Nov 1, 2003
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      I am curious...
      Understanding why you would want to protect an expensive saya,
      I ask (humbly) if your skills are such that you can change the
      shape of the current saya to match the smaller weapon's saya,
      and still get the finish to match that of the origional...
      If they are, then please forgive me for asking...otherwise, You
      may change the shape of the saya, but might not be able o
      reproduce the lacquering...the gloss...and the inish of the
      Having made saya myself, remember that you do not know the
      interior profile o f your current saya. You may cut or file into it, and
      find you just opened up a void in the wood...that woulsd mess up
      your day, I think...
      There might be a hollow space where you think there is only
      solid wood...
      As Ii-dono suggested, there are period alternatives that might
      suit your needs...A good cat fur cover, or bear, might be perfect...
      (leapord, tiger, or some pseudo version...), although I do not now
      if these were used in a non-tachi sling...
      Wearing your weapon in a more vertical manner, while more
      comfortable in closed environs, may historically preclude some
      One alternative might be to actually build a less expensive saya
      of a common wood, lacquering the bejeebers (technical term)
      out of it, and using it for average field purposes... for court, you
      might switch to the good one...
      ...and if someone smacks your saya with theirs, ask them if they
      meant it...and cut them down quickly if they did... :-) (kidding...)


      Date Saburou Yukiie
      Yama Kaminari Ryu
      http://www.kabutographics.com (under reconstruction...but
      getting better...)

      > I'll make a cover whether it's period or not. No sense in risking
      > up my uncheap saya simply because they didn't mind doing it
      back then.
      I'm also thinking about reshaping the tip of the
      > katana's saya to match the rounded tip on the wakizashi. I just
      like how it
      > looks.
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