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11619Re: [SCA-JML] Sword stuff, was: Looking for patterns for Edo period Kamishimo

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  • Bubba
    Nov 1, 2003
      Ii Saburou wrote:
      > I'm not sure of cloth, but I've seen leather (I'm not sure if it was
      > extant or a later addition) and I know that we see fur coverings in
      > the field. I believe I've also seen same (rayskin) used, but I'm not
      > sure if
      > it is a period application--but it seems reasonable. It only seems
      > reasonable to protect the saya, especially when it is being used as an
      > actual everyday (well, every-war) item.

      I'll make a cover whether it's period or not. No sense in risking scuffing
      up my uncheap saya simply because they didn't mind doing it back then. I'm
      also very seriously considering adding same from the koiguchi (which I plan
      on replacing) to about 6" below the kurigata. Helps keep from slicing your
      hand if you screw up a draw and keeps the saya from moving around in the
      obi. And it looks cool ;) I'm also thinking about reshaping the tip of the
      katana's saya to match the rounded tip on the wakizashi. I just like how it

      I need to find a source of decent differentially tempered bare blades. I'm
      much, much better at making the fittings than the blades. Not enough
      patience, I suppose. Hmm... guess I could teach a student of mine how to
      grind blades and set him at it. Yes, I know they should be forged, but I
      haven't finished the forge yet.
      He who seeks will find, and he who knocks will be let in.
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