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1135Re: [SCA-JML] hellooooo

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  • Joshua Badgley
    May 8 3:22 AM
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      On Mon, 1 May 2000, Anthony J. Bryant wrote:

      > Now, on the other hand, you can build a *real* small shrine (typically about the
      > size of a portable TV) in the garden; there are several different styles of
      > yashira you can use, depending on how talented/ambitious you are, and how much
      > you want to blow on decoration. You don't need a torii per se (you can use a
      > knotted rope with streamers instead). If you want to make the standing yashira,
      > a torii just wide enough to admit you and just tall enough that you don't have
      > to stoop leading to a six foot path in front of it wouldn't be too odd.

      Okay, I've been looking through my own pictures, but it doesn't help that
      I'm not sure what I'm looking for. As usual when I just ask someone
      'what's a yashira?' they look at me for a second and then proceed to ask
      if I meant 'yashiro' or 'kashira' or some other word. So I'm asking you,
      what is a yashira, more precisely?

      If it is those stone lanterns and whatnot, I've plenty of pictures of
      those. Regardless, here are the links to what pictures I have of Japanese
      gardens. Unfortunately, the pictures are a tad large in most cases.

      http://mercury.skilak.net/~logan/photos/niwa.JPG (A small garden behind a
      private residence)

      http://mercury.skilak.net/~logan/photos/Kenrokuen/ (My pictures from
      Kenrokuen gardens)

      Most of my pictures can be found at mercury.skilak.net/~logan/photos/
      except for those that haven't been scanned in--a problem I cannot easily
      remedy as I don't currently have any more space on that particular
      server. I'm working on a more user-friendly tour of the site, but there
      are more pressing matters at hand.


      -Godric Logan
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