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1112Re: [SCA-JML] hellooooo

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    May 1, 2000
      bambooni@... wrote:

      > That's a lot of trees that I need to clear. And since we are on that
      > subject. What I want to try is to use some of those trees for lumber and make
      > a Tori for somewhere in the garden. Anybody got any suggestions on placement
      > or design?? And how big should I make it???

      Well, unless you're actually Shinto, why do it? Although these are scenic little
      things, they are still religious thingies that mean things to people. I've never
      been a big fan of using religious things for decoration (don't get me started on
      popslutstars who wear big crosses as jewelry).

      Now, on the other hand, you can build a *real* small shrine (typically about the
      size of a portable TV) in the garden; there are several different styles of
      yashira you can use, depending on how talented/ambitious you are, and how much
      you want to blow on decoration. You don't need a torii per se (you can use a
      knotted rope with streamers instead). If you want to make the standing yashira,
      a torii just wide enough to admit you and just tall enough that you don't have
      to stoop leading to a six foot path in front of it wouldn't be too odd.

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