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11000RE: [SCA-JML] Cricket House - sorta OT

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  • Eric Munson
    Oct 1, 2003
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Solveig [mailto:nostrand@...]
      > Mokurai bozu happens to be a Buddhist monk of some sort.

      I follow the Yaen school and am a devotee of the rotten peach sutra.

      > Consequently, I was suggesting a number of suffixes used
      > either for monastic buildings or used for tea houses. Tea
      > practitioners were a quasi-monastic lot of artists.

      Indeed. And I appreciate that very much, thanks. Right now I am leaning
      towards Effingham's suggestion - "Shissutsu-in", it seems to fit most
      of the criteria being brought up. Sounds pretty good to my poor ears.

      > Family names and rural house names may be largely coincident.
      > This is because the medieval Japanese concept of the family
      > is based upon cohabitation and not on blood line. This is
      > further complicated by the myouden or named fields.

      Kinda like hippies or SCAdians. Seriously, this is all interesting
      stuff. Thank you.

      - mokurai
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