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10996RE: [SCA-JML] period musical instruments

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  • Eric Munson
    Oct 1, 2003
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Anthony J. Bryant [mailto:ajbryant@...]

      > A wonderful story my old shakuhachi prof told us at FSU:
      > A heian nobleman returned to his home to find it had been
      > robbed. Everything he
      > owned -- everything -- was gone. All but his hichiriki, which
      > had been left
      > lying on the floor. Dejected, he sat down and began playing.
      > The thief heard the
      > playing, and brought everything back.
      > One moral says that he was moved by the plaintive notes.
      > Another moral -- the
      > one most likely -- is that he brought the stuff back to get
      > the guy to stop
      > playing. <G>

      This is great. I see this being retold at Pennsic next year....

      - mo
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