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10689Re: [SCA-JML] Guess what I got....

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  • ekoogler1@comcast.net
    Sep 4, 2003
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      Well, Coronation is up in Northern Virginia this Saturday. The last weekend in
      September is Lochmere's Knight of the Heart/Investiture. Mid-October brings
      Kingdom Crusades, at a site north of Baltimore, MD...but it is an inter-Kingdom
      war...between us and the Eastrealm. Then in November, there is Dun Carraig's
      Investiture (my lord and I will be stepping down as Baron & Baroness). We'd
      love to see you at any of these. Just let us know when you can come up...we'll
      give you some idea of whether or not we'll be there (we plan on being at all of
      the events I've mentioned) and possibly how to find us.

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