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10194Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Greetings All

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  • Richard Brooks
    Aug 1, 2003
      John wrote:

      > Particuarly since, my leige lord, being a very wise leader, realized
      > that should the time come when we would have to battle them, we
      > Japanese would need to know how they fought and lived.

      This sounds similar to mine..My persona is that of a Momoyama period
      Samurai woman, a warrior born roughly around 1570. Her whole life, her
      country has had contact with these nanban from foreign lands, and as of
      yet, she is unsure what to think of these visitors. Some of her people
      think this contact is a good thing, others fear it could be the prelude
      to a hostile takeover or worse. So she's decided, with the blessings of
      her clan to investigate, to learn what she can of them.

      -Hirokawa no Tsuru
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