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10188Re: [SCA-JML] A picture of a unknown fighter

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  • Donald J. Luby
    Jul 31, 2003
      On Thursday, July 31, 2003, at 07:11 PM, Anthony J. Bryant wrote:

      > "Donald J. Luby" wrote:
      >>>> his is bronze, and mine's just stainless steel.
      >>> That makes me feel better... The helmet looked like yours, but the
      >>> armour didn't. I figured it was you in another combat suit. <G>
      >> Actually, I do have another combat suit, to go with the new helmet :)
      > Thought so. Damned fashion plate. <G>

      As a wise knight (and laurel for armoring) once told me, long ago "if
      you can't fight good, then make a good-looking corpse!", and with me,
      that's the armor's job! :)

      >>> Can't wait to see it!!
      >> It'll be on site as of next week ...
      > Kewl! When are you arriving? I was planning on Saturday afternevening,
      > but my back is still killing me, so it'll more likely be Monday or
      > Tuesday.

      Actually, accidentally found a pic of me in said harness and helmet
      from last year:


      Some bits need some work, but that's the general idea.

      I'll be up for land grab, but may go home for a day or two to finish up
      some stuff.

      > E

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