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10172Re: [SCA-JML] A picture of a unknown fighter

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  • Donald J. Luby
    Jul 31, 2003
      On Thursday, July 31, 2003, at 02:32 PM, michael A wrote:

      > snip
      >> helmet) and Nissan Maxima (yes, that really is his
      >> name, in the red
      >> yoroi
      > snip
      > yep that is indeed his name
      > I do have to say there is some case for the logic he
      > gave me... If the person he tells his name to cant
      > take the joke he probaly doesnt want to hang out with
      > them anyways.

      Yeah, that sounds like him.

      > Sigh
      > He definately is a character.

      He definitely is; he's originally from Debatable Lands, but moved east
      for work reasons ~20 years ago (he changed to a Japanese persona ~10
      years ago). Since he's still with a household based here, and visits
      occasionally, I see him somewhat. Actually, that whole household are a
      bunch of characters (but generally good guys).

      > :)
      > --kiyohara

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