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10169Re: [SCA-JML] A picture of a unknown fighter

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  • Donald J. Luby
    Jul 31, 2003
      On Thursday, July 31, 2003, at 02:20 PM, Anthony J. Bryant wrote:

      > "Donald J. Luby" wrote:
      >>> If I'm not mistaken, that looks like Koredono-sama's kabuto.
      >> Sadly, you are mistaken, but not by very much and with a pretty good
      >> reason:
      >> The kabuto that Hachirou is wearing is (almost) the exact same design
      >> as my old (working) kabuto, made by the same armorer within a year of
      >> mine; the biggest difference (from that angle, at least) is that since
      >> mine was the beta model, and Hachirou's is a regular production model,
      >> he has a much nicer hachi (that is the term for the rounded cap on the
      >> top, right?) -
      > yup!

      Yay! I'd *thought* that was right, but sometimes screw up minor bits
      of armor terminology :)

      >> his is bronze, and mine's just stainless steel.
      > That makes me feel better... The helmet looked like yours, but the
      > armour didn't. I figured it was you in another combat suit. <G>

      Actually, I do have another combat suit, to go with the new helmet :)

      >> The other way to tell is he's wearing a red belt, and I was wearing a
      >> white one :)
      > DoH! Didn't even notice the belt. Sigh. Yeah, I'm *reeeealy*
      > observant. Sigh. <G>

      Don't feel bad; actually that happened to be my first battle as a
      knight ...

      >> I'll be wearing my snazzy new helmet on the field this year, though
      >> which might reduce confusion (unless I need to lend out my older
      >> helmet
      >> to another household fighter who's been waiting on his kabuto to be
      >> delivered ...), especially with my mon in brass on the fukigaeshi.
      > Can't wait to see it!!

      It'll be on site as of next week ...

      > Edward

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