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10008[SCA-JML] Re: Kasa

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  • Dean Wayland
    Jul 19, 2003
      Dear Donald,

      Further to Steve Gill's reply regarding Kasa (hats) from shop-japan at:
      http://www.shop-japan.co.jp/english-boku/warring5.htm - not cheap

      When we got our first order from them last month we found that some of
      the cheaper hats have a plastic frame as part of their construction,
      which gives them a flat apex, and can be seen at the centre on the
      inside only. Steve's "Takuhatsu gasa" was the only one without this
      feature. I have the Sando-gasa which has a flattish top to it, and so it
      doesn't look too bad, and once I have covered the plastic with Washi
      (Japanese paper), installed the Atamadai (a ring with loops for wearing
      the Kasa), and finally putting in the cloth pad normally worn, you'll
      never know its there.

      As we try to avoid modern materials in kit construction, I wrote to
      shop-japan and asked which other models don't have plastic frames. I
      have just received their reply and I thought you might find it useful.
      Apart from the Takuhatsu gasa the only one devoid of plastic is the
      Ronin gasa, so that's what we're getting next, along with some more
      Waraji (straw sandals).

      If you manage to find anyone out there doing them cheaper let us know.


      Dean Wayland
      Head Of The Fight School
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