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Hello!!! How is everyone? Did you have a nice holiday? Just checking to see if this works also. Happy winter! Miss Orindia McClanahan ... Yahoo! for Good -
Cheryl McClanahan
Dec 26, 2005

Greetings :)

I am a newbie to not only the S.C.A. but also to candle making. I am enterested in learning how to make period style and modern candles. I also wanted to say
Bitchy Sweet
Nov 28, 2005

Re: Help Please

That was very helpful. Thank you for the information. Kalana Marshall ... ===== __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail Address
Kimberly Calvin
Jun 18, 2004

Re: Help Please

I have but a blip and a reference for you from some documentation of a while ago: "It is through that Sieur de Brex first introduced candle molding in Paris in
Jun 18, 2004

Help Please

Hi, I am Kalana Marshall from Trimaris. I am working on my first Art/Sci project and I need some help. I would like to do it on molded candles but am having
Jun 17, 2004

Candle Resources

Does anyone know of any medieval candle source that talk about Candles from Spain? Alessandra
Alessandra de Burgos y La Mujer de Olm
Mar 21, 2004

Re: Hi to all

Right now I was going for the modern wax. Just something that works. I would like to learn more about tallow candles. How smokey are they? I know depends
Cheryl McClanahan
Apr 9, 2003

Re: Hi to all

The chandlers list has been silent for a while... but no reason for that not to change... What kind of candle are you interested in creating? -- be safe. flip
Philip Edward Lewis
Apr 8, 2003

Hi to all

I just wanted to say hi again since it seems my e-mail is working. I do have many interests. I would like to learn more about primitive living (OK on this
Cheryl McClanahan
Apr 7, 2003

Still trying to get e-mail to work

Hi. Just a test. Does it work? Cheryl - Vallejo ... Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Tax Center - File online, calculators, forms, and more
Cheryl McClanahan
Apr 7, 2003

Trying To Send a message

Hi. I am still trying the get this e-mail to work. I keep getting messages back saying it was undeliverable. Cheryl - Vallejo ... Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Games
Cheryl McClanahan
Apr 21, 2002
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