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Re: [sawsmith] new member looking for assitance

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  • Carl Finch
    Ooookay, Ben! Ya finally got to me! I d figured that by now you d have had that cover off for sure. When you first wrote of your problem so long ago I was
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 4 5:45 PM
      Ooookay, Ben! Ya finally got to me! I'd figured that by now you'd
      have had that cover off for sure. When you first wrote of your
      problem so long ago I was going to check out my saw, but remembering
      it was "put away," decided not to.

      So today I just hadda see what was what!

      I drug out my saw, pulled the cover, and have snapped a couple pix
      for you, figuring that since you'd only budged the cover 1/16" that
      you wouldn't really know what was inside or where your cover might be binding.

      The pix are in the album "Carl's Stuff" on the group's site, or simply click


      From the second photo showing the inside of the cover you can see
      that the only *possible* point of binding is around the lower and
      smaller hole in the cover. It is the precision-machined bearing
      carrier. And so it *should* be snug! Otherwise the bearing and its
      shaft would wobble.

      My guess is that in trying to pry the cover off you have canted it
      slightly and thus jammed it tight. Perhaps the best way to proceed
      now would be to reinsert the four screws and tighten them down
      *evenly* in order to square things up, and then try again, being
      exceedingly careful to pull the cover *straight* off. You might be
      able to use a bearing puller, hooking onto the groove that retains
      the rubber boot.

      By the way, you may want to give it another shot of solvent--that
      WD-40 leaves a GUMMY residue after it evaporates! And don't ask me how I know!

      in Medford, Oregon

      At 04:12 PM 10/4/2007, Ben McKillip wrote:

      >I tried that. It will move about a 1/16th of an inch, but that is
      >it. I tried wd40, liquid wrench, heating the cover up so it would
      >expand, NOTHING!!!! If you can think of anything else let me know
      >Thanks Fof The Help,
      >Ben McKillip
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