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RE: [sawsmith] Owned Sawsmith for 1 year.

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  • Ronald E. Roberts
    Another way to go on the switch if someone is abandoning the original and not replacing it is a push button affair from Woodworker s Supply. I also have a
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 29, 2005
      Another way to go on the switch if someone is abandoning the original and
      not replacing it is a push button affair from Woodworker's Supply. I also
      have a DeWalt GS from the early '40's and the previous owner had mounted an
      electrical utility box (the ones with the rounded corners) on top of the
      original switch box and into that mounted a common light switch to start and
      shut off the saw. I didn't like this and I think with a little more effort
      I can find something to replace the original. But in the meantime I'm using
      the switch from Woodworker's Supply. Here's the URL:

      This is not a motor starter or a magnetic switch but rather a simple push
      button contactor setup. It comes with a plastic box for mounting and
      includes strain reliefs. We do quite a bit of business with Grainger and
      they had several switches that would suffice including some motor starters.
      But I didn't want to spend that much money so I thought this was a cost
      effective alternative. It's working well for me. Just another suggestion
      on the switch issue.

      Ron Roberts
      Tucson, Arizona

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      You'll find my name back in the users' group listed as an original owner of
      a Sawsmith. Before I gave up on the original switch location and
      configuration, I'd check with Grainger (www.grainger.com) to see if they
      have, or can order a suitable replacement for the original. If you're
      fortunate enough to live near a Grainger Store (as I am), I'd take the
      switch out and take it to the store to enlist their help. Their catalog
      lists a similar switch on page 413, part number 6HK27, which appears to be
      adaptable. Theirs is in a case, and I guess it would depend on how the
      switch mechanism is nounted in the case. If that doesn't work, there are
      seven pages of switches for various applications in the catalog. I haven't
      checked their web site, but have to think something similar is located
      there. Hope this helps! Bill
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