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980Re: [sawsmith] Sawsmith work bench

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  • Matthew Tritt
    Dec 6, 2009

      The original table is actually 1" very high grade plywood, not 3/4". The factiry suggested covering the table with 1/4" ply, fastened with "brass brads placed in locations that will not interfere with the saw blade". Unless you find cabinet grade plywood somewhere, the standard Home Despot variety these days is pretty bad for both surface faieness and thickness consistency, The only issue with MDF is that it is somewhat hydroscopic, and will get rough in a humid environment.

      Matt Tritt

      From: Al Askevold <ask5@...>
      To: sawsmith@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sun, December 6, 2009 9:56:46 AM
      Subject: Re: [sawsmith] Sawsmith work bench


      Thanks for the replies,

      Unfortunately I do not have a stand for my saw so for now I will built
      it into the work benches. I like the idea of moving it around easily,
      all I have to do now is design the bench so I can modify it for a
      wheeled stand setup.

      I was going to make a new table top out of 3/4" MDF, the original top
      has a few saw cuts. One cut about 3/16" max and another much less.
      Should I use this original top and screw the MDF to it or start from
      scratch ?


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