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975Re: [sawsmith] Re: Sawsmith work bench

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  • Carl Finch
    Dec 5, 2009
      At 05:30 AM 12/5/2009, don_liechty wrote:

      >Another point of view.
      >I put a 1/2" piece of MDF 4' long on top of the
      >SS table. This flat and longer sacrifice surface
      >provides a good stable reference surface and
      >support for all kinds of cuts including angles.
      >All the saw adjustments are based on this flat
      >stable surface. I have found this a big
      >impprovement over the 3' table with a piece of 1/4 inch ply.
      >For long board cuts, I use a roller stand
      >(height adjustable)to support the outboard end
      >of the board. The stand can be used left or
      >right as needed. Most of my cuts do not require
      >it. It seems to me that building long permanent
      >"work" tables just to support long board cuts it
      >a lot of work and tends to preclude using them
      >as work tables. If the board has any twist or
      >bow, I can adjust the set up easily and make a
      >perfect cross cut. Tables take up a lot of space
      >and are hard to clean the sawdust behind them and the saw.
      >Putting the new work bench elsewhere will allow
      >you to use it as a work bench. assembly surface
      >etc and still make a long cut without interuption using the outboard roller.

      That advice sure fits for me! I try to put
      everything in my shop on wheels, RAS, bandsaw,
      potter's wheel, kiln, a couple work tables,
      etc. And I keep a few of those inexpensive
      Harbor Freight dollies around for buckets of clay
      and anything else heavy that gets in my way from
      time to time. Saves my aging and ossifying back.

      I fear I'll not come up with a way to get my wood stove on wheels, though! ;-)

      in cold and foggy Medford, Oregon

      >--- In
      >Al Askevold <ask5@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello from SW Missouri,
      > >
      > > I'm building another work bench and have a few questions on how to set
      > > it up to work with the Sawsmith. I have 8 ft of 16 built and I want to
      > > lower the bench top now for the Ras. I took most of my Sawsmith apart
      > > for a cleaning when I got it and have yet to adjust the table.
      > >
      > > Anyone have a measurement I can use to lower the saw? From the base to
      > > the top of the 3/4" saw table? Looks like 6" to 5 3/4" with with very
      > > little room for adjustment.
      > >
      > > Also, if I lower the saw top to the work bench should I have the saw
      > > slightly higher or dead level with the bench? The old saw table is 3'
      > > wide and I can cut the new table down to 2' when I set the saw up.
      > > Would a 2' table work OK with this setup or do I need the 3' ?
      > >
      > > Regards
      > >
      > > Al Askevold
      > >
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