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671Re: Accessories for a Yuba saw smith

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  • Scott Markwood
    Jun 8, 2008
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      Wow, what a deal! Yes, the SawSmith it's quite an amazing tool.

      As for accessories keep in mind that it is at it's heart a ShopSmith
      tool, so all the the accessories made for the ShopSmith Mark V will fit.
      However not all are a good idea. You're safe with the drum sander and
      drill chuck, but dado blade sets can be a scary thing on any RAS. I
      don't stack beyond 3/8" in sold wood with mine because it just wants to
      grab and run at me, and that's with a much better set than what you can
      buy from ShopSmith.

      Review the information in the owners manual for everything you need to
      know, but temper the information with some common sense. Yuba and Magna
      were trying (like Sears with their Craftsman RAS) to sell the DIY'ers of
      the world on the RAS as an all-encompassing multi-purpose tool, but
      while it was unbeatable as a crosscutting and mitering tool, doing
      things like ripping sheet goods as shown in the manual is crazy talk!

      Enjoy your new saw! Scott


      --- In sawsmith@yahoogroups.com, "chrisjt113" <chrisjt113@...> wrote:
      > I just picked up this saw yesterday for 30.00 and didn't have any
      > ideal that it was able to do so much stuff! I thought I was just
      > getting a ras. Anyway I would like to get some of the accessories for
      > it i.e. drum sander, drill chuck, datto blade. Does anyone know where
      > I could get these from?

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