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659Re: [sawsmith] 1 inch arbor blades

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  • Some Guy
    May 30, 2008
      Any Decent saw shop is able to punch arbor holes out.
      Im a little lost here, My sawsmith is awaiting my attention in building a base for it. It is my understanding that these things use shopsmith accessories? Why not go onto ebay and get a 5/8" arbor adapter and be able to run whatever blade you want to?

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      Some manufacturer' s will bore them for you to your spec.

      The best RAS blade is a Mr. Sawdust from Forrest. You won't find it on their
      website. You'll have to call someone there to order it. If you're interested
      let me know and I'll find the contact info for you.

      Oldham makes a great RAS blade for about half what the Forrest Mr.
      Sawdust sells
      for. I have an 8" for my DeWalt GS as I think it's a little under powered and
      that blade will cut most of what I need to. I bought one locally and took it
      to the machine shop a local sharpening service uses to re-bore blades. The
      re-bore cost me about $13 if memory serves.

      Ron Roberts
      Tucson, AZ

      Quoting Danny Harris <harrisdanp@yahoo. com>:

      > Guys,
      > Having to use 1 inch arbor blades in my Sawsmith is a pain.
      > Otherwise, i love the saw. Where or how is the best way to get them?
      > Thanks for any advice.
      > Danny Harris
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