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585Re: Motor Starting Capacitor...how many Microfarads??

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  • mbonfire2002
    Jan 2, 2008
      Answering my own question (doh!)...on closer inspection, the numbers
      read "248 - 270" not "348" and oh, by the way, I was not familiar with
      appears to be a convention on motor starting caps of listing the
      acceptable range of capacitance (I have **never** seen this done in
      the electronics world) rather than the percent tolerance.

      Anyway, adding insult to injury, I tested the cap further based on my
      new found knowledge and it is fine...turns out the problem was a
      gummed up drive train and very dry ball bearings. Some cleaning and
      some lube and I am making sawdust...

      --- In sawsmith@yahoogroups.com, "mbonfire2002" <mbonfire@...> wrote:
      > Pretty sure my Sawsmith won't start due to a bad motor starting cap
      > (relay looks fine). The rub is that the capacitor label doesn't
      > indicate how many microfarads. The info on it: Sate-T-Mike 348-270
      > (numbers kind of faded/rubbed out) 125 VAC. Could the 270 be the
      > microfarads???
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Steve
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