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1826Re: Inherited father’s Saws mith and looking for advice

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  • djwatts40
    Apr 2, 2014
      The most important thing you can do on any radial arm saw is to use the correct blade.  DO NOT USE a table saw blade.  To work well and even more importantly for safety be sure to use the type of blade designed for your saw or a chop type saw.  Blades with a large positive hook angle should NEVER be used.  Many of the perils attributed to radial arm saws are because of using the wrong blade type.  Use a hook angle of NO greater than 5 degrees.  I use 0 degrees or a small negative hook angle.  My favorite is a Freud blade with a MINUS 5 degree hook angle and, I think, 8 3/4" diameter.  The smaller diameter helps as the Sawsmith is somewhat lacking in power.  Sawsmiths were originally furnished with 9" blades and 10" can be used, but are tight on clearance.  I have preached this blade thing regularly here, but safety is worth emphasis!!!

      P.S.  I learned some of this the hard way.  Now you won't have to.
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