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1822Inherited Sawsmith questions

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  • mtracyfam
    Dec 25, 2013
      Hello, this summer I retrieved my father Sawsmith from the barn where it has been sitting for years. The last time I saw it working was over 30 years ago. I was able to replace the power cord which my father had taped multiple times, and after some cleaning and oil, it appears to be running quite well. I am just now setting up my own work shop and want to make sure I have this saw put together correctly and can get maximum use out of it. I have downloaded the manuals and a few other books on proper use but having never owned a mounted saw before, I have a few newby questions that I am not finding easy answers to. This groups was very helpful in finding the correct power cord replacemnt but now for the tough questions.

      1. Arbor no arbor, what is the best/safest way to mount the saw blades?
      2. What size blades? I am seeing 10" or a 9"? The blabe that is currently mounted is 7 1/4"
      3. Left hand spindle nut sources? Any suggestions?