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1819Re: [sawsmith] Inherited father’s Sawsmith and looking for advice

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  • Carl Finch
    Dec 26, 2013
      At 03:15 PM 12/26/2013, mtracyfam@... wrote:
      >Hello, I have recently inherited my father’s
      >Sawsmith and I am looking for some advice. I
      >have searched through the conversation a bit and
      >finding that the information is a bit dated I
      >may be asking questions already answered. Sorry for the newbie questions.
      >I must say thanks as I was able to get the saw
      >running after 35 years of sitting, because of
      >this group. I had to replace the power cord and
      >this group had all the information I needed. I
      >am still growing so be patient with me. This is
      >my first mounted saw and I have only recently
      >settled down and bought my first house.
      > Ok, enough of me, now a few questions that the manuals don’t answer:
      > * I have seen 10”, 9” and I currently
      > have a 7 ¼” blade, which size is best/normal?
      10" blades cost more than smaller ones, but they
      cut through thicker wood (that's a "duh" I
      guess!). I've always used a 10". My saw came
      with a 7" dado blade (actually two blades and
      several chippers to adjust the width of the
      cut). I recently used it to cut some dadoes in
      some 2x6's. It just barely cleared as I pulled
      it across the boards. But again, a 10" dado will be much more expensive.

      > * Arbor or no arbor? I can’t find the
      > arbor, is it safe/advisable to mount the blade just on the spindle?

      My saw came with (bought new in 1965) a single
      10" blade with a large hole (i.e., it could be
      mounted on the arbor. You can dismount and
      switch arbor-mounted blades quickly and easily
      with a quick twist of the arbor's set screw. I'd
      intended to buy several more arbors, but never
      got around to it (as I recall they cost all of
      $8, and that seemed like a lot to me back
      then). I don't know if arbors are available any
      more, and I expect 5/8" (?) hole blades are much
      more common these days. Except for that first
      one, I've always mounted blades directly on the
      spindle. The saw came with 2 large, thick,
      recessed washers for this purpose. I mounted
      them along with 2 standard washers as follows:


      The relieved surface of the recessed washers go against the blade.

      > * Left hand threaded nut. Does anyone know a source?
      It's apparently unavailable on the open market
      (many posters here have looked over the years),
      BUT..., one poster, Rick Redfield, assigned the
      task to his talented son/apprentice, Cory, who
      machined a bunch of them and may still have some
      available. Rick's email is RedfieldRH@...

      > * And then again do I need it if I use and arbor?
      Nope. The arbor is retained by its set screw,
      tightened against the tapered flat on the spindle.

      Carl Finch
      Medford, Oregon
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