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1657Re: [sawsmith] Re: Messed up my saw

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  • Robert Berschauer
    Oct 9, 2012
      It did come from the motor...I popped the cap on the motor and see there is a relay and a motor starting capacitor in there...I am wondering if the relay made the sound...I don't see a way to open the relay to examine it...do they make replacements still that will work with that motor?  I was also wondering if there was some king of fusable link in-line in the motor that would blow.  I am too new with this saw to understand much about it.

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      If your breaker did not trip, then the motor probably is not shorted out (which would draw heavy current). Is the click definitely in the motor? I know the original push button switches can fail. Mine did this, where I had to stab the on button to get the motor to stay on.

      I found that an easy replacement was to mount a low profile plastic electrical box on the top arm over the push button switch and use a paddle switch. I really like this arrangement and there are other options mentioned in previous listings.

      If you are comfortable with electricity and can get to the motor leads, you could rig up a safe, temporary power source to the motor (cord with wire nuts, etc.) to test the motor directly. Only do this if you are completely comfortable working with electricity.

      I don't believe there is a safety thermoswitch in these old motors although I am not positive. Many more modern motors have a button that pops out if they overheat.

      Hope this helps,


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      The click was in the saw motor, the house current is fine...no breakers tossed.

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      > Check your fuse box.
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      > > I was given a my 1960 shopsmith radial arm saw by a relative...wasn't paying attention, bound the blade, heard a "click"...now it is not working. No hum, just dead...any ideas on what I can do (I do want to fix it. Any advice for the idiot is welcome...lesson learned.
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