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1507Re: [sawsmith] Re: Newbie new owner of Sawsmith - where do I start?

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  • Jeffrey Kauf
    Apr 10, 2012
      Jeff: I have not used my saw in a long time, but knob B is what I was
      referring to. You should be able to pull on it in order to change
      angles. It might be stuck. Unscrewing it probably detaches it from a
      locking pin.
      On Apr 10, 2012, at 11:00 AM, jeffwhataguy wrote:

      > Thanks everyone for your replies. I appreciate your taking the time
      > to help.
      > Matthew - I think I must have a different cord type. Mine is grey
      > plastic, and seems to be undamaged. Maybe it had already been
      > replaced by the previous owner?
      > Grandpa - thanks for the advice on the book and how to search. I
      > will look up lubrication, but I am hesitant to take the whole saw
      > apart. I'm hoping to figure out how to loosen each component and
      > lubricate it while still in place.
      > For now I was able to adjust the blade height by manually turning
      > the height gear (with arm removed), and used it to cut some 2x12's
      > this weekend. It did a great job.
      > Jeffrey - I'm sorry but I can't tell which chrome knob you're
      > talking about. I've attached a link to a picture of my saw. The knob
      > labelled "A" turns less than 90 degrees then stops hard - I don't
      > want to force it without knowing which way it is supposed to turn.
      > The knob labelled "B" screws out and can be removed. The handle
      > labelled "C" doesn't turn at all. But I can't get the saw housing to
      > move no matter how I adjust these handles. Could you say how you
      > adjust these in order to get the saw housing to move?
      > Here's the picture: http://i929.photobucket.com/albums/ad132/4more/P4100062.jpg
      > Thanks!
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