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1493Newbie new owner of Sawsmith - where do I start?

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  • jeffwhataguy
    Apr 1, 2012
      My neighbor gave me a sawsmith that has been in his barn for a LONG time. It is in visually good condition. I have all the manuals (the ones that are already online). I tested that it spins when powered up, so the switch and motor and cables are good.

      But this is my first experience with a Sawsmith, or any RAS for that matter. I've got lots of experience with a basic old Sears tablesaw but the adjustments on that are comparatively trivial. Sorry to ask so many questions in my first post; I'de welcome links to where these questions have already been answered if they have.

      1. What should I do to the saw before I start trying to use it? Any lubrication or anything else that needs checking so I don't damage it when I start using it?

      2. I'm having trouble making sense of the directions. I can't figure out how to do some fundamental things like adjust the miter angle? Arm lock and Yoke lock don't seem to release it - still locked into place. This is hopefully a basic question - step by step how do I adjust the miter angle?

      3. Similar problem with the "twist lock handle". It doesn't twist for me - plus there is a chrome knob on top of the handle that isn't shown in the manual and that I don't know what to do with. Any hints on how this works so I can bevel the blade?

      4. Beyond not knowing how to adjust it, my main known problem at this point is that the bevel gear is missing a tooth. When I got it the crank arm and gear weren't even installed. They were in a box with a few other parts including another bevel gear that is in even worse shape, so it looks like this is a weak link. I found a link for a replacement part on the Database page, though the link didn't work. Is there still a source for this part? The arm seems like it is very heavy and will strip out a new gear if I'm able to find one. Any advice on how to lubricate this so I can lift it manually to make the saw usable until I can get a new gear?

      5. Only other known problem at this point are the table (particle board) is lifting on the sides so I guess I'll have to make a new one out of plywood. At this point I assume I can use 3/4" plywood - is there a better way to go?

      Thanks for listening,
      Jeff, Serial Number 714083.
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