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1028Re: Sawsmith glide rail

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  • Al Askevold
    Apr 4 6:21 PM
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      On 4/4/2010 7:09 PM, djwatts40 wrote:
      > Not much of a problem. The rod is 3/8" on mine and probably on all, but
      > check to make double sure. The only hard part is getting the holes
      > exactly the right size and exactly the right spacing. Use a V-block to
      > accurately drill the first hole centered in the bar at the same
      > distance from the end as in the original; then use a long roll pin to
      > pin the old and new rods together. Clamp the two rods together in a
      > vise so they cannot wander side to side and drill the new rod through
      > the hole in the old rod. Cut the rod to match the old rod length and
      > you should have a perfect new rod. Check that everything lines up and
      > make the second one the same way.
      > If you have a good enough drill stainless steel would be ideal. Chrome
      > plated would be my second choice, but any steel will work. 1045 steel
      > is good quality and 1095 is better. I would NOT use the cheap Chinese
      > crap that most home centers and hardware stores now carry if you want it
      > to last.

      Thanks, the rod on mine was 3/8" also. I used some of the zinc plated
      hardware store crap for a test run and will replace them when I can get
      my hands on some quality steel. I drilled the holes exactly as you
      wrote, pinned, clamped and used a drill press and vice for the second
      hole. Are the rails supposed to have a slight outward bow or fit tight
      to the arm? My drilling was accurate and both rails have the same
      slight bow that made it a challenge driving the second roll pin home.
      Do I need to adjust hole spacing on the final set of rails ?

      Not sure if I will use stainless or the carbon steels but I will have to
      make a trip to Rose Metals up in Springfield, Missouri to get anything
      of quality.

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