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1027Re: Sawsmith glide rail

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  • djwatts40
    Apr 4, 2010
      --- In sawsmith@yahoogroups.com, Al Askevold <ask5@...> wrote:
      > Anyone made new glide rails for a Magna sawsmith? Both sides of my
      > glides are worn and I need to replace them. Any special rod or size
      to use?
      > Also I have the whole saw disassembled and about ready to reassemble
      > it, anything to look out for or tips?
      > Al

      Not much of a problem. The rod is 3/8" on mine and probably on all, but
      check to make double sure. The only hard part is getting the holes
      exactly the right size and exactly the right spacing. Use a V-block to
      accurately drill the first hole centered in the bar at the same
      distance from the end as in the original; then use a long roll pin to
      pin the old and new rods together. Clamp the two rods together in a
      vise so they cannot wander side to side and drill the new rod through
      the hole in the old rod. Cut the rod to match the old rod length and
      you should have a perfect new rod. Check that everything lines up and
      make the second one the same way.

      If you have a good enough drill stainless steel would be ideal. Chrome
      plated would be my second choice, but any steel will work. 1045 steel
      is good quality and 1095 is better. I would NOT use the cheap Chinese
      crap that most home centers and hardware stores now carry if you want it
      to last.

      Have I done this before?
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