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1025Re: [sawsmith] Re: Sawsmith glide rail

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  • Al Askevold
    Apr 3, 2010

      My saw came apart pretty easy. The only slowdown was removing the arm
      from the collar assembly and the collar assembly from the column, the
      old oil and or wax used caused this. Remove the motor carriage assembly
      by lowering the motor to the table them raising the arm after removing
      the pivot nut, install it this way also. Remove the arm and then the
      collar with the column still bolted to the base, I had to stand on the
      base to remove both. With the collar pin in remove the arm, make sure it
      can rotate (unlock the arm). Next remove the collar pin and remove the
      collar. The only other issue I can think of is the roll pin used on
      the coupling for the riser shaft, fought with it for a bit.

      If you get stuck on anything email, just assembled my saw so it's fresh
      in my mind.


      On 4/2/2010 4:24 PM, Aaron wrote:
      > Al,
      > I am starting to disassemble my saw. Going to use electrolysis for rust removal, hoping for smooth operation.
      > So, any tips on disassembly?
      > --Aaron
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