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JUMP into the NEW YEAR STARTING with these deals

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  • TiaCat
    Ok... At 5 am I was up cleaning out my coupon/form files for anything that expired 2005. At 6 am I was totally re-organized and ready for the new year. At 7 am
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
      At 5 am I was up cleaning out my coupon/form files for anything that
      expired 2005.
      At 6 am I was totally re-organized and ready for the new year.
      At 7 am I had set up and printed some SIMPLE but useful tools for
      motivating myself to do MORE couponing and refunding this year.
      1. Printed simple form for tracking Coupon totals for 2006
      2. Printed simple form for tracking Refund totals for 2006
      3. Printed simple form for tracking Premium Retail Values for 2006

      If you want to borrow my printable tracking forms, I've put a link to
      where you can download them under the simple explanation of what they
      are. These can be opened with Microsoft Word or WordPad.
      I have them in a plastic report cover thing I got from the dollar store
      a while back, since the "binding strip" slides on and off I can add
      pages as needed, and later if I get too many pages I can break it up
      into separate report covers for each set. I will keep these in sight on
      my desk for the year to help remember to track these things AND to help
      motivate me to have entries for them :)

      I even already have my VERY FIRST entry, since I just got together a
      rebate to go out when I was organizing this morning:
      Schick Quattro Power Razor - Box 8002 - $10.99

      The internet is an ADVANTAGE and I plan to use this advantage I have to
      the best of my ability by:
      Signing up for any and all freebies either I can use or would go
      excellently in a prize/gift basket.

      Playing all the instant win contests online.

      Taking advantage of anyplace that lets you earn gift cards of ANY kind
      (what I can't use I can trade)
      The end of last year I got Shell Gas Cards & Amazon Gift Certificates here.
      The end of last year I got $50 Starbucks Gift Certificates here.
      Of course there's always the gift certificates we earn here. I usually
      rack up 2 - 3 just by clicking e-mails.

      Printable Coupons & Forms
      Since my local store just started taking printable coupons again, this
      will be an EXCELLENT way to add to the savings I usually get. Also my
      Dollar General and Family Dollar have always taken them.
      Of course one of the BEST deals I get are the Simple Green at Dollar
      You can print off 2 - $2/1 coupons at EACH place below for a total of 4
      http://www.boodle.com (I use the Utica NY paper)
      Since Simple Green is $2 a bottle... free cleaning supplies, and I
      manage to get the coupons to print ABOUT once a month or so. Can't use
      YOUR coupons, trade them to me <grin>.

      Lots and LOTS of companies have begun putting their forms online. This
      is a BIG bonus to me since I get ZERO store forms in my area.

      I subscribe to the biggest 2 Refunding Magazines, and I do answer ads,
      enter drawings and read them from cover to cover several times, I also
      visit the web sites several times a day. The websites are a VALUABLE
      instant access tool. I can't even tell you how many deals I would miss
      out on if I didn't have access to those sites. Since we are all only 1
      person, having several hundred OTHER PEOPLE scouring the net for the
      best of the best means we get in on MANY MANY more deals I would miss
      out on otherwise. Many times these goodies never get posted to the yahoo
      lists. So this month I'm adding 3 years to EACH of my subscriptions. I
      was going to choose just 1 of them, but I thought about it for a long
      while, and EACH has things to offer me that the other does not have, so
      in losing 1 I would cut my information in half.

      I will also be using the internet to write to companies. I plan on
      adding this as part of my REGULAR routine. So saving Manufacturing
      codes off items until I write to the company is going to be a priority,
      since many times they want the lot #'s, exp dates and such. I plan to
      write BOTH if I LIKE a product AND if I dislike a product. I did this
      last year a LITTLE bit, and the amount of coupons I got from the
      companies was staggering. They were also MUCH better than the ones
      found in the Sunday papers, so I was able to get even better deals. I
      wrote a few companies between 3/09/05 and 4/09/05 and I ended up with a
      free spree totaling over $200 between freebies & coupons they sent and
      sales that were going on at the time. Some companies send you nothing
      but a thank you via e-mail, but the MAJORITY send you something in the
      postal mail. I always mention that I bought their item with a coupon if
      I did, or that I wish they had coupons available if I didn't have one,
      this lets them know you're interested in coupons without you having to
      outright ask for them to send you some. I ALWAYS thank them for their
      time and include my postal mailing address AND ask them to add me to
      their mailing list for future promotions, coupons and product information.

      I also have a printable tracking form for this which you can borrow
      (again MS word or Word Pad):


      When I get HIGH value or FREE item coupons I hold on to them until I
      come across a GREAT double play. For example, when I wrote to Rice A
      Roni they sent me 1 - $1 off ANY Quaker Product and 3 - $2 off ANY
      Quaker Product. I then waited for the Quaker Cereals to go on sale at
      my local store Buy 1 Get 1 Free, with the coupons I was able to get 6
      boxes of cereal for less than the original regular price of 1!!!

      SOME companies don't send you coupons, Williams Foods sent me 6 Packets
      of Chinese seasonings when I wrote about one of their packets being rock
      solid when I went to use it instead of powder.

      I will also be watching companies like Purina Dog Food which have
      programs you can sign up for.

      http://www.purinaproclub.com <http://www.purinaproclub.com/>

      This program has SEVERAL benefits.

      1. The Weight Circle program where you save Weight Circles from
      Purina Pet foods to get goodies. The dog food program has lots of
      merchandise, coupons and vet certificates you can turn the circles
      in for. The cat food program lets you turn in the weight circles
      for $6 off coupons.
      2. They ALSO give you "starter kits" for Puppies and Kittens. These
      starter kids have a LARGE packet of information, PLUS each starter
      kit order comes with a FREE Puppy or Kitten food coupon, and on
      EACH packet is a VERY high value puppy or kitten food coupon (I
      wait till my store has a "double ANY" pet food offer and get FREE
      pet foods). You can order quite a large number of the Starter
      kits, but if you order them one at a time over the course of the
      year instead of in large batches, you get MORE free coupons, since
      1 FREE coupon comes per starter kit order. So 1 order for 10 kits
      SHOULD get you 1 FREE coupon + 10 HIGH VALUE Coupons, but 10
      separate Orders for 1 Kit each SHOULD get you 10 FREE coupons + 10
      HIGH VALUE Coupons

      Keep in mind that offers change.. this morning this one was good and

      I'm sending in right now for 1 of each kit for the family members that
      have accounts that I know.

      *Basically here's the BEST way to do this and make sure you're getting
      FULL value.*

      Sign up

      Order ONE of EACH different brand kit

      When they arrive, Sign up for ONE more of EACH brand kit.

      The limit each year as far as I can tell is 10 of EACH Brand kit.

      There are 5 different BRANDS.

      So I USUALLY get about 50 kits a year from an account doing it this
      way. This means 50 Totally FREE item coupons PLUS 50 HIGH VALUE coupons
      per year. The HIGH VALUE coupons are on ANY size with LONG exp. dates,
      and my local store usually has "double ANY pet food coupon" several
      times a year, which turns my HIGH VALUES into more free or almost free
      pet food.

      BONUS each bag has weight circles!!!!

      If you have family members that don't mind getting things at their
      address, you can work on internet deals for them too, which is helpful,
      especially when they save everything for you. My family now looks for
      any freebies, coupons, etc that come to their address. When I stop in
      there's usually a large grocery bag waiting for me of things they've
      saved or gotten in the mail that they cannot use themselves.

      It's about noon... I've now sent for 3 of these as well.


      It's a LONG URL so try to copy and paste the WHOLE thing.

      1 Free Frito Lay Coupon and 10 - $.55 coupons.

      1 for me

      1 for mom

      1 for Aunt

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