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Construction and deconstruction

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  • Carmel Diviney
    Two stories of interest from around the country http://www.kerryman.ie/news/man-faces-jail-for-demolishing-ancient-ring-fort-2949787.html
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    • Carmel Diviney
      Letters Irish Indo http://www.independent.ie/opinion/letters/national-folly-2959872.html Saturday December 10 2011 • Normally, I would never approve of
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        Letters Irish Indo

        Saturday December 10 2011

        • Normally, I would never approve of anything built without planning permission.

        However in the case of Joe McNamara's 'place of reflection', perhaps it could remain for a limited time.

        A majority of citizens in this State do not know why Anglo Irish Bank was saved in 2008.

        They were insulted by Brian Cowen and the late Brian Lenihan, who argued "the collateral damage would be too great, you would not have had cash in the ATMs".

        Even if this argument were true, we were at least due a comparison with the collateral damage caused by saving Anglo. It would seem that the rest of the then cabinet were treated no better, being asked to decide on the bank guarantee by phone at short notice.

        Were there reports and projections emailed to them to aid their decision?

        There is a spin being gradually woven around the affair that German bankers are behind all of this. Don't accept this; it's a national game in Ireland to blame the other fellow. We have always had sufficient Irish crooks to destroy our economy.

        Back to Stonehenge in Achill -- I would propose that the structure stands, with a plaque stating that it will remain until an inquiry establishes what really went on at Anglo Irish Bank, who benefited by the decision to support it, and what would the collateral damage have been had it sunk.

        The word 'inquiry' naturally causes a national groan, but the alternative means leaving future historians an economic Marie Celeste -- there will be umpteen theories about the biggest financial collapse in the first 90 years of the Irish State.

        Thank you, Joe, your building is a monument to folly; we should not forget what happened in 2008.

        Tony Brady
        Navan, Co Meath







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