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wonders of the world

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  • Ellen Hopman
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2006
      <<I would, but they've alreadyt picked the 21 finalists... Stonehenge was
      the only Celtic site to make the list...>>

      Except, of course, Stonehenge is not Celtic, and was not built by Celtic
      speakers. It is a very late Stone Age or very early Bronze Age monument. It
      was finished around 1,600 BCE. The earliest date I have seen for when any
      Celts might have arrived on British shores was about 1,000 BCE.
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    • Michael McGRath
      ... Who can prove that the Druids were in fact of Celtic origin ? Were the Druids not here in these islands of Ireland and Britain before the Celts arrived ?
      Message 2 of 3 , Dec 1, 2006
        --- In savetara@yahoogroups.com, "Ellen Hopman" <Saille333@...> wrote:

        >Why does everybody always have to insist on everything being Celtic ?
        Who can prove that the Druids were in fact of Celtic origin ? Were
        the Druids not here in these islands of Ireland and Britain before the
        Celts arrived ? Why does the spiritual impulse always have to come
        across Europe from the East ? Why should it make any difference to
        Newgrange (or Stonehenge and the rest) whether they were built by
        Celts or the pre-Celtic inhabitants of these islands (they were built
        by the latter, of course, maybe under the direction of their own
        Druids, the original Druids ?). Although there are many of us here in
        Ireland of Celtic descent, there are a hell of a lot of people here
        who are of pre-Celtic descent, naturally. And these pre-Celtic
        peoples, the Nemedians (Clanna Memed) and the Tuatha DeDanann among
        them, seem, if anything, to be more 'magical' than the Celts - wasn't
        it from amongst them, and not the Celts, that the Kingship of Tara
        sprang ? And surely, as regards the development of language, the Irish
        language must logically have some roots in the pre-Celtic tongues of
        Ireland and Britain. Please don't tell me that they communicated in
        grunts, those fabulous builders of Newgrange and Stonehenge. Many of
        the famous old scholars, academics, of about 100 years ago,
        maintained that the Druids originated from Ireland - Muireann would
        know about that.

        Anyway you are all absolutely required at Newgrange at 8.00 a.m on the
        morning of 21st December when the OPW - organized Midwinter Solstice
        Show takes place, to discuss Tara and the M3 with the visiting
        Ministers, dignitaries and officials of the Irish Government. (I know,
        the real solstice is on the 22nd but the Ministers etc won't be there
        This year Claire Tuffy, the Supremo of Newgrange, has announced that
        winners of the schools' young scientists competitions will be rewarded
        by being allowed into the central sacred chamber of Newgrange for
        their solstice, so it is likely that Mary Hanafin, Minister for
        Education and Science, will be there. The Government is keeping under
        tight wraps what Ministers will be there this year, cleverly because
        of fear of attracting Save Tara protesters. Tom Parlon, OPW Minister
        should be there too. At this stage I am making educated guesses in
        view of the Government "blackout" on what Ministers will actually be
        present. And isn't is great to have them so worried about us ! Maybe
        Bertie himself is revisiting Newgrange in the lead-up to the election
        in an attempt to regain his cultural credentials?

        Banners and flags would all be appropriate, but I think the emphasis
        should be on intelligent peaceful dialogue rather than militant
        protest - and, of course have your press statements ready for RTE and
        the Press who are usually there too. Phone RTE and the national
        newspapers, ask for Newsroom, and tell them you are going to Newgrange
        to save Tara "with everybody else". - that way the Press Corps will
        almost certainly be there.

        (As I don't and won't drive, and it's a long way from Kilkenny, I have
        to travel the evening before. Maybe somebody knows a good place where
        I could stay - I'm 59 years of age and not as immune to the eloements
        as I used to be - Thank You. Michael.)

        Now let's do it, peacefully and logically. No hostility to be
        expressed, no negativity, no militancy as that only puts people off.
        I'm not a 'militant' and don't wish to be.
      • Jeff
        what matters is the present
        Message 3 of 3 , Dec 3, 2006
          what matters is the present
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