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'An Bord Pleanala Extension of Time to Meath County Council on Slane Bypass Grossly Unfair'

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  • Vincent Salafia
    PRESS RELEASE SAVE NEWGRANGE 21 June 2010 An Bord Pleanala Extension of Time to Meath County Council on Slane Bypass Grossly Unfair Save Newgrange says it is
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      21 June 2010

      'An Bord Pleanala Extension of Time to Meath County Council on Slane Bypass Grossly Unfair'

      Save Newgrange says it is "grossly unfair" that Meath County Council (MCC)would be granted an extension of time, in the Slane Bypass planning process, while a similar request by the public was denied, in advance of the 17 February closing date for public submissions.

      On 17 May, An Bord Pleanala asked MCC to furnish further information relating to the bypass, including "any alternative route examined to the west" as well as "geophysical and archaeological investigations" relating to the "44 sites within 500m of the proposed bypass". The Bord also said, "The EIS should be expanded to show...the proposed route in relation to the Bru na Boinne World Heritage Site." This was to be submitted "no later than 5.30 p.m on Monday 21 June 2010."

      However, MCC asked for an extension of time, which was granted by An Bord Pleanala. The new date for MCC submissions is 30 July 2010. The grounds for the extension have not been revealed.

      Save Newgrange had asked for the extension of time on public submissions in February, for a number of reasons, including:
      1. Inadequate notice given to the public, particualrly in Northern Ireland
      2. Inability of the public to participate over the Christmas holidays
      3. Access to information was "unreasonable curtailed"
      4. Unfair costs of materials and filing fees.

      This request was denied, and a complaint was made to the European Commission.

      Vincent Salafia of Save Newgrange said:

      "While we welcome the Bord's close scrutinty of the proposal, we find it grossly unfair that the developer should be granted this extension of time, when the public were denied a similar request.

      "Most people didn't even know about this proposal until it was too late, and then it was almost impossible for them to get information and file objections.

      "Putting a dual carriageway within 500m of Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site, when reasonable alternatives are available, is ridiculous.

      "The County Manager should implement the HGV ban in Slane, which was passed by MCC last year and would eliminate the need for the bypass, on safety grounds, entirely.


      Contact: Vincent Salafia - 085-192-7032

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