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Save Harry Dresden Campaign Update - August 4, 2007

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  • Bon Johnston
    Sadly, SCIFI announced yesterday that The Dresden Files has been officially cancelled. We d like to thank every one of you who contacted SCIFI, both here in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2007
      Sadly, SCIFI announced yesterday that The Dresden Files has been
      officially cancelled.

      We'd like to thank every one of you who contacted SCIFI, both here in
      the U.S. and overseas, to ask for a second season of the show.

      On the bright side, the short season that SCIFI did produce is still
      available via iTunes and on DVD. And the show's success introduced a
      huge number of fans to Jim Butcher's fabulous books.


      There are others who are exploring options for the show (persuading
      SCIFI to continue the show in webisode form, or persuading another
      network to pick up the show, or asking Lionsgate to continue the
      Dresden Files in movie form). Their websites:

      Zarina's Dresden Files Campaign Website

      Dresden City



      We'd like to thank all of the generous people who donated prizes for
      our drawing:

      Thanks to the wonderful folks at PhauxCon for donating two tickets to
      this year's convention, where Jim Butcher is going to be appearing.
      For more information, visit their website at http://www.phauxcon.com.

      Thanks to Robert Hand for donating twenty signed, limited edition
      prints based on the Dresden Files books.

      Thanks to Priscilla Spencer for donating a private commission digital
      illustration based on the TV show. You can see more of Priscilla's art
      at The Nine Muses (http://www.theninemuses.net).

      Thanks to Ann-Marie Gearhart for donating a huge batch of hand-crafted
      bookmarks and stickers based on The Dresden Files.

      For a complete list of the drawing winners, see the campaign website

      I also want to thank the devoted fans who have volunteered so much of
      their time and energy in the effort to save The Dresden Files!

      Anita Karve, who tackled the job of creating our first press release,
      and contributed some very helpful suggestions early in the campaign.

      Kersti Markey, who was went out of her way to distribute flyers for
      the campaign and to share her experiences with us.

      Steve Gahm, who organized the June drawing: he put together 50 cool
      prizes, drew names, and made sure that those prizes got mailed out to
      all the winners. In addition, Steve has offered non-stop support for
      the campaign -- thank you, Steve, for all the brainstorming, all the
      publicity you've generated and the contacts you've gathered, and most
      of all, for your unfailing positive attitude over the past few months.
      You have no idea how much your help has meant to me!

      Belynda, who ran a letter drive during the second week of July, in an
      eleventh-hour effort to get more fanmail in front of the network execs
      at this crucial juncture. She received 2 lbs of letters, which she
      very generously copied multiple times and mailed off to the Powers
      That Be. Belynda continues the efforts to bring Harry back on the air
      via her own website, Zarina's Dresden Files Campaign Website.


      We've set up a short survey (8 questions, plus your age and your
      city/state) designed to let science fiction and fantasy fans let SCIFI
      know how well they are meeting our needs as television viewers.

      Please take a few minutes to answer these questions about SCIFI's
      programming choices. Every time I get 100 more completed surveys, I'll
      print them out and mail them to Mr. Stern and Ms. Hammer.

      SCIFI Viewers Satisfaction Survey


      For those who want to contact SCIFI about the cancellation of The
      Dresden Files, we're not recommending that you send email to SCIFI,
      for two reasons:

      1. The networks don't tend to pay nearly as much attention to email as
      they do to snailmail and phone calls.

      2. SCIFI may delete your email without even opening it. At least one
      fan who emailed SCIFI's feedback address received a response saying
      that her message had been deleted without being read.

      We don't know if SCIFI is automatically deleting all email with
      "Dresden Files" in the subject line, or if this particular instance
      was a technical glitch, but if you want to be sure that SCIFI gets
      your letter, please write or call.

      Best wishes,

      Bon Johnston
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