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Save Harry Dresden Campaign Update - August 4, 2007

Sadly, SCIFI announced yesterday that The Dresden Files has been officially cancelled. We'd like to thank every one of you who contacted SCIFI, both here in
Bon Johnston
Aug 4, 2007

Save Harry Dresden Campaign Update - July 25, 2007

Hi, everyone! It's looking like SCIFI has already pulled the plug on The Dresden Files, and that they just haven't announced it yet. (Why the delay on
Bon Johnston
Jul 25, 2007

Save Harry Dresden Campaign Update - July 20, 2007

Greetings, Dresden Files fans! One thing that this campaign to renew The Dresden Files has highlighted for me is how hard it has been to know if SCIFI is
Bon Johnston
Jul 20, 2007

Save the Dresden Files Campaign - New SCIFI Phone Number - July 19,

Thanks to everyone who's been trying to call the SCIFI Viewer Line, but who's been unable to leave a message. I know it's been frustrating trying to call and
Bon Johnston
Jul 19, 2007

Save Harry Dresden Campaign Update - July 9, 2007

Hello, Dresden fans! We've all been waiting for SCIFI to announce their decision... we've all been wondering why the network has been delaying, and why they
Bon Johnston
Jul 9, 2007

Save Harry Dresden Newsletter -- Phone Campaign Begins!

Hi, Dresden Files fans! We're down to the wire, and SCIFI is still trying to decide whether or not to renew our favorite show! The decision was supposed to be
Bon Johnston
Jun 30, 2007

The Save Harry Dresden Newsletter - May 31, 2007

Happy Almost-June, Dresden Files fans! BIG NEWS: WRITE SNAILMAIL TO SCIFI FOR FREE AND WIN PRIZES SCIFI's decision to renew or cancel The Dresden Files is
Bon Johnston
May 31, 2007

The Save Harry Dresden Newsletter, May 3, 2007

Happy Thor's Day, Dresden Files Fans! We continue to make progress in our campaign to get The Dresden Files renewed! Thanks to -Anita Karve- and -Steve Gahm-,
Bon Johnston
May 3, 2007

The Save Harry Dresden Newsletter, May 1, 2007

Happy May Day, Dresden Files Fans! I just wanted to send out a quick update, as we accomplished a few more important tasks in the last 24 hours. First, I've
Bon Johnston
May 1, 2007

The Save Harry Dresden Newsletter, April 30, 2007

Happy Monday, Dresden Files fans! We continue to gain momentum as more fans find our website and join in the campaign to save Harry! As of noon (CMT) today,
Bon Johnston
Apr 30, 2007

The Save Harry Dresden Newsletter, April 25, 2007

Hello, Dresden Files fans! CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Our campaign to save Harry is off to a good start! As of a few minutes ago (4/25/07, midnight CMT), our website
Bon Johnston
Apr 23, 2007

The Save Harry Dresden Newsletter, April 20, 2007

Greetings to all you Dresden Files fans! First, I want to thank you all for your support of the show. This letter-writing campaign is in its third day, and as
Bon Johnston
Apr 20, 2007
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