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I love this! What goes around does come around!

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    ACTION ITEM: Stop Republicans from losing Date: 05/21/2001 08:18:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time From: activist-list@conservativehq.com (60-Second Activist)
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      ACTION ITEM: Stop Republicans from losing
      Date: 05/21/2001 08:18:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time
      From:    activist-list@... (60-Second Activist)
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      Dear Janet A. Boyle,

      Here is today's Sixty Second Activist ACTION ITEM:

      ISSUE: Your help is needed quickly... and you probably don't even know it.
      National Review recently ran a story on what they say may be "the most
      underreported political phenomenon of the last two election cycles"...

      Republicans are losing to Libertarians.

      Actually, they're losing *BECAUSE* of Libertarian Party (LP) candidates,
      all over the country.  Thanks to LP candidates "siphoning off" votes that
      would most likely have gone to GOP candidates, we now have a 50/50 split
      in the Senate (Gorton lost to Cantwell in Washington, thanks to the LP's
      Jared last year; two years ago, Ensign lost to Reid in Nevada, thanks to
      the LP's Cloud; four years ago, Millner lost to Cleland in Georgia, thanks
      to the LP's Cashin). If not for these three "spoilers", the Republicans
      would have a 53-47 majority today, and liberal Republicans like Senators
      Jeffords and Chafee wouldn't be able to block President Bush's tax cut.

      It's also likely that the GOP would have an additional two seats in the
      House if it weren't for the Libertarian Party taking Republican votes away
      in races in California and New Jersey. Even an LP spokesman admitted that
      they "take twice as many votes from Republicans as from Democrats."

      In THIRTY YEARS, the LP has never elected a single individual to Congress
      under their party's banner, and less than a dozen individuals TOTAL to
      state legislatures around the country. They're spoilers ... nothing more.

      ACTION ITEM: There is a growing Constitution-based organization, the
      Republican Liberty Caucus, which is working to bring mainstream,
      common-sense Libertarians back into the GOP tent. The RLC is supported by
      many well-known elected Republicans, including Rep. Ron Paul of Texas (a
      former Libertarian Party presidential candidate who made the "switch" many
      years ago); one of the "heroes" of the fight against Gore's attempt to
      steal the election, State Rep. (and House Speaker) Tom Feeney (FL), is on
      the RLC Advisory Board.

      The RLC is the right organization at the right time with the right
      message. More and more people are coming to realize that the LP, as a
      political organization, is a losing proposition which only helps elect
      Democrats. And more and more Republicans are actually making
      constitutional arguments on issues, such as in the debate over

      But as "Tony Soprano" said in HBO's "The Sopranos," "Nothing's as useless
      as an unloaded gun." Ditto a political organization without money.

      In less than a minute, you can help make a difference in whether the
      Republicans keep losing, thanks to the Libertarian Party, or start winning
      the majorities needed to stem the liberal onslaught on Capitol Hill. CLICK
      BELOW to contribute to the Republican Liberty Caucus:


      (If that address doesn't work, you can go directly to the contribution



      NOTE: There are over 18,000 members of the Sixty Second Activist Club. If
      just 100 of us recruited just one person a month to sign up to give just
      $10 a month ... (let's see, carry the one, add two ... dang that public
      school math education!) ... that comes to $144,000 per year. For the RLC,
      that would be one heck of a start, and YOU can be a part of something BIG.
      Please contribute right away!
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