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[save_bill_clinton] Fw: EXCLUSIVE STORY!! - The Politics1 Report - September 1, 1999

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  • Norma
    ... From: The Politics1 Report To: List Member Date: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 10:49 AM Subject: EXCLUSIVE
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      Date: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 10:49 AM
      Subject: EXCLUSIVE STORY!! - The Politics1 Report - September 1, 1999

      >The Politics1 Report - http://www.politics1.com/
      > **** A POLITICS1 REPORT Exclusive ****
      >Wealthy publisher Steve Forbes (R-NJ) hasn't won the GOP Presidential
      >nomination yet. In fact, he's yet to defeat frontrunner George W. Bush
      >(R-TX) in any major contest to date. Those trivialities aside, actions
      >taken by the Forbes campaign indicate that Forbes has either already
      >decided upon a runningmate -- Florida Governor Jeb Bush -- or is engaging
      >in an elaborate practical joke to taunt the George W. Bush campaign.
      >A review of Internet domain name registrations supports these conclusions.
      >Network Solutions, Inc., is the official Internet registry -- formerly
      >referred to as "InterNic" -- which is responsible for the assignment,
      >recording and management of all United States Internet domain names (i.e.,
      >all web addresses that end in .com, .edu and .org). According to these
      >records, Forbes' official campaign web site -- http://www.forbes2000.com/
      >-- was registered to the Cincinnati communications consulting firm of
      >Hensley Segal Rentschler, Inc. (HSR), on April 9, 1999. HSR selected the
      >site name, designed the highly acclaimed political site and maintains it.
      >HSR has also quietly registered a series of potential Forbes runningmate
      >site -- and Jeb Bush is the only runningmate named in any of the nineteen
      >variations that HSR registered on behalf of the Forbes campaign. The
      >nineteen Forbes-Bush domain names registered by HSR are:
      >While none of the domain names are currently active online, HSR and Forbes
      >now own all of these future site names. The Network Solutions registry
      >records for these domains can be viewed online at
      >(Note: if the address is truncated in this email report onto two lines,
      >the entire text of the URL must be written on one line in order to view
      >the records.)
      >HSR's timing of the domain name registrations raises questions about the
      >seriousness of Jeb Bush as Forbes' Vice Presidential choice. On May 12,
      >the Politics1 Report broke the exclusive story that George W. Bush's top
      >campaign adviser, Karl Rove, had registered Internet domain names for four
      >potential Bush runningmate tickets: Governors Tom Ridge (R-PA), Christie
      >Whitman (R-NJ), John Engler (R-MI) or George Pataki (R-NY). The AP, USA
      >Today, Washington Post and others quickly picked up our exclusive story.
      >Forbes campaign communications director Greg Muller immediately responded
      >to the reports on May 12 by blasting Bush for being so presumptuous as to
      >already be thinking of a runningmate before he had secured the
      >Presidential nomination. Muller also attacked three of the four choices
      >as pro-choice moderates -- all except Engler -- and proof that Bush was
      >not a true conservative. The next day, HSR registered the nineteen domain
      >names suggesting a ticket of Forbes and George W. Bush's brother.
      >Forbes campaign press aide Kendrick Ashton said "we feel there will always
      >be room for a Bush on the Forbes ticket. It just happens to be Jeb Bush."
      >Beyond that brief statement, Ashton declined to explain the reasoning for
      >the decision. Ashton did, however, confirm that the Forbes campaign
      >authorized HSR to purchase the nineteen domain names.
      >George W. Bush spokeswoman Mindy Tucker -- who initially described the
      >Forbes campaign action as "bizarre" -- suggested that "maybe Steve Forbes
      >should check out our website at www.georgewbush.com and he will see that
      >Jeb Bush and 22 other Governors have endorsed George W. Bush for
      >President." Lucia Ross, Governor Jeb Bush's press secretary, said that
      >the Forbes campaign "must be playing a prank." Ross added that "it's a
      >joke" if Forbes seriously believes Jeb Bush would do anything to undermine
      >his brother's campaign.
      >Until next time,
      >Ron Gunzburger
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