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[save_bill_clinton] Words Repeated Over and Over

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  • Larry Nonnenmacher
    Countdown Message ... From: Larry Nonnenmacher[SMTP:larryn@globaldialog.com] Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 1999 10:56 AM To: Judiciary@mail.house.gov Subject:
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      From: Larry Nonnenmacher[SMTP:larryn@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 1999 10:56 AM
      To: 'Judiciary@...'
      Subject: Words Repeated Over and Over

      To the Republican Representatives of the 105 th. and 106 th. Congress.

      I have listed some words below that ' WE THE PEOPLE' have heard over
      and over in regard to your search for the 'perfect scandal' that will cause
      us to hate our President and somehow cause us to think that all of you
      are heroes!!!

      These words are: seemingly, presumably, if, perhaps, probably, likely
      and 'perhaps in the future'.

      I cannot forget how many of you mocked our President with the meaning
      of 'is' .

      Looking back I can now see why Ken Starr's case against our President
      was defeated in the Senate and why he lost in the Mc Dougal and Steele
      cases. His entire case in each of these matters was based upon many of
      the words I have listed above!!!

      Which now leads us to your current scandal, according to many of you,
      China has stolen information on everything from F -14's to the W - 88
      warhead, it does not matter to you that a lot of this technology is 20 yrs.
      old and can be retreived from the Internet at sites that are not related to
      our nuclear labs or military!!!

      The hysteria and scare tactics that the great Republican hero Sen.
      Joe Mc Carthy, used in the 50's will not work in the 1990's.

      Even though many of us were kids back then, WE DO REMEMBER!!!

      You said the polls did not matter.

      You said it was the rule of law.

      You said you had to vote your conscience.

      You said the public did not understand.

      You said the people will forget.

      say that you are wrong.

      In 525 days, we will find out who is right.
      Dec.19, 1998 - Nov. 7, 2000

      Larry Nonnenmacher


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