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google checkout

Hi Everyone I strongly suggest everyone taking a look at the Google Checkout https://checkout.google.com/seller/what.html?hl=en-GB I can now offer level 1 and
Matt Lovell
May 2, 2007

Currency Converter

Hi all, I've just been told by a customer that the Currency Converter on the Order Summary page of my Shop@ssistant is not working. I am guilty of not
Apr 30, 2007

Re: drop down and text field

Hi There Welcome to the group are you using the 3.6.4 version? do you have are you using magic? http://www.estellesflorist.co.uk/pages/est_22141pe.htm (hope
Matt Lovell
Apr 18, 2007

drop down and text field

Hi i am new on here and i am looking for a demo that has two drop down list and also let the customers input text. i have been trying to mix to of the demos
Apr 18, 2007

Re: www.shopassistant.net and phormmail

Hi Dave This seems to effect the currency convertor too except the currency convertor script is not available take care Matt
Matt Lovell
Mar 9, 2007


Does anybody know a fix for the fact that the Shopping Basket Review page etc. won't load and the system just hangs, if a customer is using AOL ? Patricia
Honfleur Christening Gowns
Mar 2, 2007

www.shopassistant.net and phormmail

Hi All if you are using our phormmail on the www.shopassistant.net server, please move to using the www.floyd.co.uk server, it seems pipex have messed up in
Feb 28, 2007

Re: Time to upgrade?

Hi Dave I have sent you an email off group. @ all you sass shop owners. Shop@ssistant is really really old now, I strongly advise you moving to the new ABS
Matt Lovell
Feb 12, 2007

Re: Time to upgrade?

Hi Dave I think Matt may be away, I e mailed him last week and have not had a reply as yet. you will like the upgrade when you get it. I have been using it for
Kevin Wallis
Feb 12, 2007

Re: Time to upgrade?

Hi Matt, I think it's about time I upgraded. All the best Dave. _____ From: sass_dev@yahoogroups.com [mailto:sass_dev@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Matt Sent:
Dave Hoyles
Feb 12, 2007

Re: Time to upgrade?

Hi Geoff paypal works in versions abs and mc4 as standard. If no one has the code for 3.6.4 I could write it for you but it'd be a good part of the upgrade fee
    Matt Lovell
    Oct 31, 2006
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    Re: Time to upgrade?

    Hi, I only want to add the PayPal payment option to my site. What will this cost me? Many Thanks Regards Geoff Collings Parts & Tooling Controller Centrax Ltd.
      Geoff Collings
      Oct 31, 2006
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      Re: Customers unable to place orders

      In the dim and distant past I seem to remember that this problem occurred on my site, and it was due to a problem with one of the form mail scripts not loading
      Chris Abbott
      Oct 23, 2006

      Re: Customers unable to place orders

      OOps Sorry - this should have gone to the MC4 forum. apologies - it's been a long hard day !
      Honfleur Christening Gowns
      Oct 23, 2006

      Customers unable to place orders

      There seems to be a problem with placing orders on our website www.christening-gifts.co.uk I have just received an email from a would-be customer who says:
      Honfleur Christening Gowns
      Oct 23, 2006
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