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142Re: [Infoshop] Fwd: [sarasotafnb] City Commissioner Terry Turner Wants to Meet FNB Organizers

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  • Anthony Doe
    Nov 21, 2009
      Dear Commissioner Turner:

      Sarasota FNB has a RIGHT to gather, discuss politics, and eat in the park.  That is too bad if some people down there think that they are a nuisance.  They have a RIGHT to gather in the park.  There is a pretty strong court ruling establishing this, Comissioner Turner, recently decided in Orlando.

      Any attempt to interfere with their activities will be met with opposition, both in placing the issue on the ballot as a charter amendment re-affirming FNB's rights and with litigation.

      As someone who endorsed you on the campaign trail (after Rick Farmer's elimination in the initial election), I hope you will reconsider.  Treating the homeless as a problem that should be incarcerated or starved out of town is not a position I for one can continue to support in any way.

      I will certainly be urging other like-minded Sarasotans to contact you and affirm that we support FNB and their RIGHT to gather and share food and political discourse in public parks.

      The only solution I can imagine is the city creating a space for FNB to cook food for homeless people that might be a reasonable position for the city.

      Anthony Lorenzo

      On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 7:03 PM, Terry Turner <terryturner@...> wrote:
      I met with three New College students. They are clearly well meaning and earnest. It is impossible not to be sympathetic with their goals. That said, the congestion and disruption caused by the concentration of homeless at 5 points is causing a backlash from downtown residents and business owners. We have to find a way to improve the situation

      Thanks for making the  introduction



      Anthony Doe wrote:
      I received the following response from the FNB folks (Food Not Bombs).  I told them to call you, but in case you wished to contact them.

      Anthony Lorenzo

      On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 2:10 PM, Marlon <marlon@...> wrote:
      melissa seems interested, maybe get in touch with her:

      Melissa Fisher wrote:
      > hey,
      > on following up. when does he want to meet? he can email me at
      > melissa.fisher@... <mailto:melissa.fisher@...>  or call at
      > 941-460-5021
      > but there might be some more general email that i don't know about. we
      > could definitely get a group together to speak with him. did he seem in
      > support on the campaign trail?
      > meltron
      > On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 12:55 PM, Marlon <marlon@...
      > <mailto:marlon@...>> wrote:
      >     Anthony Doe wrote:
      >     >
      >     >
      >     > Terry Turner, newly elected citywide commissioner, wishes to meet with
      >     > FNB organizers to discuss the Five Points Park community meals.  I am
      >     > not sure what his agenda is... though i did grill him about this issue
      >     > on the campaign trail (asking if he would continue to support/allow
      >     > students having meals in the parks with homeless people).  He
      >     called me
      >     > this morning and asked me if i could put him in touch with the group.
      >     > Please, someone follow up on this.
      >     >
      >     > Anthony Lorenzo
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