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RSSB Initiation

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  • prome25
    At the initiation ceremony, everyone is asked to sit quietly and repeat Radhasoami, radhasoami to themselves mentally while the others
    Message 1 of 1113 , Jan 12 1:05 AM
      At the initiation ceremony, everyone is asked<br>
      to sit quietly and repeat "Radhasoami,
      radhasoami"<br> to themselves mentally while the others
      arrive.<br><br> The disciple is told he or she will be given
      secrets <br> that were never revealed in any books and
      which give <br> the initiate the ability to journey
      higher and further<br> than Jusus Christ or Buddha, who
      did hot have<br> a Perfect Living Master.<br><br>
      Then the "Representative" of Master tells everyone<br>
      that this is a most serious event that will sever<br>
      the bonds of the initiate from the world and <br>
      place all their karmas in the hands of the Master<br>
      to administer. <br><br>Everything that happens to
      you in<br> your life from now on will be with HIS
      permission,<br> and it will be given to you in your best
      interest. This means <br>that you will condition yourself
      to think that every illness that <br>you experience
      will be the Master, himself, allowing some
      evil<br>cosmic power to "burn" off your karma, every success
      will be <br>"given to you" not because you applied
      yourself to a task competently,<br>but because "Master"
      was giving you "His Grace".<br><br> The initiates are
      shown how to "listen to the sound". <br> The best
      position is a squatting postion. You can<br> put a cushion
      or support under your buttocks if<br> necessary, or
      sit in a chair at a table.<br><br> Next lift both
      hands up to the ears and fully plug<br> the opening of
      the left ear with your thumb, but place the thumb
      on<br> the tragus of the right ear and partly press it
      in <br> so as to block the ear INCOMPLETELY. Cover
      the outsides<br> of the eyes with the fingers but do
      not press on <br> the eyeballs, as this may hurt the
      eyes.<br><br> The Intiate must take 4 vows which he will follow
      <br> for the rest of his life.<br><br> 1. No sex out
      of wedlock. <br> 2. No alcohol or recreational
      drugs.<br> 3. Lacto-vegetarian diet with strict attention
      <br> required to avoid inadvertently eating <br>
      forbidden ingredients in foods, such as <br> rennet in
      cheese or albumin or egg in <br> biscuits, cakes,
      etc.<br> 4. Two and one half hours per day meditation, 365
      <br> days per year for the rest of one's life, <br>
      with no excuses<br> . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . <br> .
      . . . . . . . The initiate agrees to do his best to
      mold his lifestyle <br> . . . . . . . . into that of a
      Gurmukh and cease being a Manmukh<br> . . . . . . . . as
      described in Sar Bachan and other books written<br> . . . .
      . . . . by PLMs as guides for the Satsangi.<br><br>
      . . . . . . . . If children are desired then sex
      may be performed with a<br> . . . . . . . . married
      partner once a month until conception is achieved;<br> .
      . . . . . . . then no sex is allowed until a second
      child is desired;<br> . . . . . . . . again once per
      month is permitted until the second conception.<br><br>
      . . . . . . . . After the desired number of
      children have been born, the <br> . . . . . . . . couple
      must try to remain celibate for the duration of their
      <br> . . . . . . . . lives and concentrate on their
      meditation.<br><br> . . . . . . . . Homosexuality is not permitted in
      any circumstances. Openly<br> . . . . . . . . gay
      people may not be initiated.<br><br> . . . . . . . .
      Blind persons may not be initiated.<br><br>(continued
    • vb_patel
      ... as that ... Hi, I have seen all of them selling different forms of spirituality to the people who are seeking the meaning of this life. I have seen gurus
      Message 1113 of 1113 , Oct 22, 2002
        --- In santmatcharanradhasoamifacts@y..., connectthedots_99 wrote:
        > Hi Zakk;<br><br>I wonder how things will
        > develop....<br><br>Deep down, I believe the truth becomes evident
        as that
        > is the nature of truth.<br><br>I suppose history
        > shows that when a concept is dysfunctional, a
        > 'hollowing out' occurs and soon the exterior structure which
        > may have seemed quite solid suddenly implodes or
        > collapses. The USSR is perhaps a recent historical example,
        > it just suddenly collapsed from within. Or your
        > analogy of dry timber just waiting for a
        > match....<br><br>It would seem with the access to information and
        > evolution, perhaps a decade from now the current Godman
        > concept and world relitous structure would be an archaic
        > thing of the past.<br><br>But then I recall several of
        > the posts on the RS STudies site in response to
        > information of fraudulent activities of Godmen organizations.
        > To paraphrase: 'I don't care how the organization is
        > run, I'm just addicted to the group high and I want
        > someone to tell me what to do'.<br><br>It leads me to
        > think, humans will compromise quite a bit of integrity
        > in exhange for group acceptance. Are people willing
        > to take responsibility for themselves as I would
        > understand Faquir Chand approach endorses...as opposed to
        > the concept of someone orchestrating everything in
        > your life....<br><br>And what if the old religious
        > models and Godmen organizations collapsed? What form of
        > spirituality would flourish in your view? CTD


        I have seen all of them selling different forms of spirituality to
        the people who are seeking the meaning of this life. I have seen
        gurus who are criminals (one of them ran away with 3 young girls in
        my home town). The real guru is YOU. You have to realize that in-
        duality is your answer. My teacher once said "When you see god
        EVERYWHERE and everything (including your enemy)in GOD you are
        there!!" This is in the BIBLE, and GITA.

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