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Fw: [yerewolo] COSMIC WEATHER Feb 24 thru Mar 2nd

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    ... From: Tirra-Olufemi Subject: [yerewolo] COSMIC WEATHER Feb 24 thru Mar 2nd To: Freeyourmindand
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      From: Tirra-Olufemi <tyra.general@...>
      Subject: [yerewolo] COSMIC WEATHER Feb 24 thru Mar 2nd
      To: "Freeyourmindand" <freeyourmindand@yahoogroups.com>, "sistercircle2004@yahoogroups.com" <sistercircle2004@yahoogroups.com>, "SFM" <sacredfemininemysteries@yahoogroups.com>, yerewolo@yahoogroups.com, "Spiritually Speaking" <Spiritually_Speaking@yahoogroups.com>, the_spiritual_path@...
      Date: Saturday, February 28, 2009, 4:37 PM

      This is so good and so on point for me!

      Much Love


      How would you live if you remembered that everything is connected? What if you learned to see through the eyes of the Divine? What if you realized that you are the hands and feet of God? What if you knew that you are the One? What if you knew the answer to the question: What would Love do?
      The New Moon in idealistic, intuitive PISCES, beginning at 8:35pm on Tuesday, February 24, and continuing until 2:17pm on Saturday, February 28, is the time to know that you have deep within you the answers to all those questions. Can you imagine? Yes, you can! And what a relief to know that everything you ever need to know comes from within...that hunch, that intuitive nudging, that guidance to call this person or go to that workshop, or listen to that tape, or sit in silence...whatever it is that you need to know to create the life that you love is only a breath away.
      The last Full Moon Eclipse in LEO on February 9, exposed what you needed to SEE and DO. This New Moon in PISCES asks you to reflect on what you need TO BE. PISCES is the 12th sign of the zodiac, the alpha and omega of the spiritual journey, the Oneness from which all comes and to which all returns. At the end of the zodiac, you come back to the Garden of Eden and realize that you were never cast out...that you are the fingertips of God, reaching into the densest, darkest, seemingly most separate places, bringing light, awareness and new creations into existence.
      PISCES, the 12th and final sign in the zodiac, teaches you to perceive with your sixth sense, your intuition, which can access dimensions and realities far beyond the physical plane. Like a radio receiver or a cell tower, you can attune to a myriad of channels and frequencies. You discover that there are many realities, many dimensions, many levels of consciousness. In PISCES, logic and reason dissolve. There is no real past or future, no separation, no right or wrong. This New Moon calls you to...
      The New Moon in PISCES reminds you that in each moment you are presented with the opportunity to choose love and peace over hatred and fear. This is the New Moon to practice compassion and selflessness by radiating peace and calm through prayer and meditation. PISCES acknowledges our essential connectedness and realizes it through the practice of unconditional love and unwavering compassion.
      This is the New Moon to look at what you cling to. You come here with nothing and you leave with nothing. Why then do we hold so tight to things that will not last? What can you give away? What can you share? The world needs your generosity, your caring, your compassion and your love. On this PISCES New Moon consider what destructive thoughts, emotions and actions can be released. PISCES is the sign of endings...of letting go for good. Take a hard look at whatever pain you are holding onto...especially if it involves addiction of any kind.
      PISCES' watery connection with the ocean lends itself to the idea of merging, or dissolving the ego boundaries and becoming one with eternal spirit. Picture that old Alka Seltzer commercial with the tablet representing our individual imagination and the glass of water representing the collective unconscious. Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz...and before you know it we're gone. The basic message of the PISCES New Moon is to LET GO AND LET GOD. Let yourself dissolve into your spiritual source and you'll wind up feeling more faith, finding more forgiveness, and fostering more compassion for yourself and others.
      Here's the bottomline for the PISCES New Moon: You have all the faith, desire, direction and Divine guidance necessary to get down to your Soul's purpose here on Earth. Life on Earth is far too juicy for it to be a planet of slackers right now. Trust me if you are here right now you have a purpose that is much more juicy than you presently imagine. It is super important that you do what you came to the planet to do. There is something you do that no one else can do. We (the world) are not in harmony; we are not complete until you do what you are here to do! Your desire to fulfill your role in destiny presently swirls around you and enters your spirit.
      Once again, the New Moon is the powerful time to write down your wishes. Universal timing supports wishes made on these days in coming to fruition. You may want to repeat goals that are especially close to your heart, or that seem more difficult to manifest, during the New Moon every month. Here are some suggestions for this PISCES New Moon:
      I consciously and consistently experience the joy of my inner being.
      I feel spiritually fulfilled and happy.
      I easily embrace the ecstacy of pleasure.
      I experience the loving bliss within me.
      I experience the peace of universal love.
      I am more sensitive and compassionate with myself and others.
      I am attuned to the positive spiritual forces around me.
      I surrender all worries and anxieties into the healing hands of a Higher Power.
      In my daily life, I want to remember that "Source is doing it all."
      I easily trust a Higher Power to successfully guide my life.
      I trust that everything that occurs in my life is unfolding for my highest good.
      I attract, recognize and begin working with the perfect spiritual teacher for me.
      I attract, recognize and begin spending time with those who are on my spiritual path.
      I focus on the inner peace of my own nature.
      I am fully receptive to the support and influence of the angels.
      I experience the healing power of love.
      I easily surrender to a Higher Power and experience a total healing in ____________ .
      I experience total forgiveness in the situation with __________.
      I feel love and compassion for __________.
      I remember that everyone is doing the very best they can with the information and tools they have.
      I easily understand why others are where they are, without judgment.
      I respond with compassion to those who are in need.
      I lovingly accept______ ____without trying to 'fix' him/her.
      Tune into LoreleiLive on Tuesday, March 3, under the Crescent Moon in GEMINI, for more on the planetary weather and a dose of my infectious enthusiasm. And until we connect, I wish you...
      I Love You,

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